Welcome to Dealer Workshop 2018!

Join us for the first annual Dealer Workshop

October 16th-17th, 2018

Kansas City Auto Museum

15095 W 116th St, Olathe, KS 66062


Dealer Workshop will take place over a day and a half to offer the most time to dig into each course. During that time, we will take a deep dive into Inventory Processes, Internet Processes, and Marketing to get your dealership running at its peak performance. Dealer Workshop is offered at no cost for any current or previous Lotpop and Strong Automotive clients. For non-clients,  Dealer Workshop is priced at $495 and will include the 3 sessions, dinner on night one, breakfast and lunch on day two.

Workshop Details

Dealer Workshop is open to  

GM's, GSM's, Dealers, New & Used Car Managers, Internet/BDC Managers

Dealer Workshop is going to be split into 3 courses. Inventory Processes leaded by Jasen Rice, Internet Processes leaded by Jonathan Schrieber, and Marketing led by John Paul Strong of Strong Automotive. It will be a day and a half workshop starting at noon on October the 16th, ending around 4pm that evening. We will then have dinner as a group. Courses continue the next morning, where breakfast and lunch will be provided

Dealer Workshop 2018

Hotel Partners

Hilton Garden Inn Olathe

12080 South Strang Line Road

Olathe, KS 66062


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Holiday Inn Express & Suites

12070 South Strang Line Road

Olathe, KS 66062


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Our Instructors

Jasen Rice - Inventory Processes

  • what it takes to obtain both gross and volume with used car management.
  • Diving into 25 key metrics that you need to track to increase your volume 25%-30%.
  • Teach you how to carry what you sell, and sell what you carry.
  • Review stocking strategies for being proactive vs reactive.

John Paul Strong - Marketing

  • Google PPC: What does the auto path to purchase look like and how can a proper search strategy ensure that you are getting in front of your customers at each step.

  • YouTube Advertising: Video has seen a large growth in the car buyer’s journey, discuss how to best use utilize digital video through Google.

  • Planning for an Effective Digital Presence in 2020: Traffic will always will be the lifeblood of your business and preparations must be made to ensure your digital marketing executions capture and convert prospects in order to maximize ROI. The digital landscape is always evolving and steps need to be taken in the next 18 months to ensure you’re ready for what lies ahead.

Jonathan Schrieber - Internet Processes

Jonathan will be going over Defining a good Internet Process and how to measure it. He will also be answering important questions like:

  • Does your Process meet the customers high expectations or is customer satisfaction hurting due to negative experiences?
  • Is Business hurting because the stores culture and attitudes aren’t willing to change and adapt with new required skill sets?
  • Is the dealership getting the most out of its lead providers and investments?

Current Client RSVP

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For any questions, please email us at admin@dealerworkshop.com

Dealer Workshop 2018

15095 W 116th St, Olathe, KS 66062

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